Apeiros is a low cost, flexible and entirely open source, educational mobile robot that has been designed for everyone by Abe Howell's Robotics, http://www.abotics.com. With an optional gripper mechanism Apeiros can manipulate objects and perform more advanced robotic tasks and experiments. Sensory expansion has been designed into this robot, so that you can add sensors as they are needed. I created Apeiros so that you can get hit the ground running in the wonderful world of robotics!

My Apeiros Class Library is released as open source under General Public License (GPL) Version 3, http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html, so please feel free to use and modify however you see fit.

An injection molded ABS plastic body helps to make Apeiros durable while providing functional mounting features. A total of (5) GPY0D810Z0F Infrared Red (IR) sensors, http://www.pololu.com/product/1134, by Pololu Robotics & Electronics can be added to Apeiros: 3 sensors in front and 2 in the back. These sensors are great for obstacle detection & avoidance. A custom designed motor & sensor shield functions to control both gear motors via an h-bridge chip while also reading the state of any connected GPY0D810Z0F IR sensors. Optional WW12 wheel encoders by Nubotics, http://www.nubotics.com, can be added when wheel rotation feedback is needed. A set of connectors on the motor shield will accept the WW12 encoders.

A low cost piezo buzzer has been integrated with the motor & sensor shield, so that Apeiros can produce sound tones. Now your robot can let you know where it is and what it's up to!

I am in the process of finalizing a wireless shield that will utilize the RN42XV Bluetooth module. My wireless shield will also provide ambient light sensors: 2 frontward and 2 rearward facing. With light sensors Apeiros can perform light tracking and avoidance behaviors.


Below is a video of Apeiros Servo Gripper manipulating an object. Just imagine the possibilities!


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11 Apr 2016

hi, i just saw your post and i saw you have the same bluetooth as me, i'm actually trying to get information of the CNA of a car but i can't connect my BT, i've test it, it is powered but i can't find it with my phone, do you have a program that i can take to help me ?

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