LPC1549 custom PCB with MBED

/media/uploads/TravisT/lpc1549_isp.png ===Notes with using the LPC1549 with custom designs and the MBED library===

LPC switch matrix tool


My Default layout. /media/uploads/TravisT/lpc1549_pins.png

Keep in mind the ISP pin defaults if you use this mode for boot loading. /media/uploads/TravisT/lpc1549_isp.png


Luckily the LPC1549 has tons of ADC channels (up to 24x12bit). Unfortunately they are not configurable by the switch matrix so some of the channels are lost to other peripherals. It was not clear to me that the pins were not just configurable GPIO but specific ADC pin, I feel this should of been labeled clearer on the symbol in the data sheet.


The CAN peripheral is a nice feature on a very loaded devices. Unfortunately as of 5/22/14 both MBED and LPCOpen do not have CAN libraries completed. Hopefully this will change soon.

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