• Powered by USB or 4.5v - 9.0v appiled to VIN
  • <200mA (100mA with Ethernet disabled)
  • Real-time clock battery backup input VB
  • 1.8v - 3.3v Keeps Real-time clock running
  • Requires 27uA, can be supplied by a coin cell
  • 3.3v regulated output on VOUT to power peripherals
  • 5.0v from USB available on VU (only available when USB is connected!)
  • Current limited to 500mA
  • Digital IO pins are 3.3v, 40mA each, 400mA max total


  • ファームウェアのバージョン確認とアップデート(バージョン確認は mbed.html内に記載)

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07 Sep 2011
DCDCコンバータのオフ時保護Diを付け忘れてた。 早くつけよう。 UF4007で良いか。

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