Wake-up timer library to wake from deepsleep/power-down

Dependencies:   LPC1114_WakeInterruptIn

Dependents:   LPC812_Sleep_HelloWorld KL05Z_DCF77_RTC_Clock LPC1114_data_logger mBuinoBlinky ... more

Issue: Strange rtc_init issue with Nucleo L073RZ (STM32L0)


I'm testing WakeUp and deepsleep() on a Nucleo L073RZ board. and have a strange behavior. i've to call rtc_init() "manually" in my main code before calling WakeUp::set_ms() or the alarm never append. It's strange because set_ms() call rtc_init() on its own if this is not done yet.

Any idea ?

Thanks Anthony.

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12 Nov 2017


I have the same problem with the same MCU.

Anthony Thanks for the workaround!!

Unfortunately the workaround seems to work only with MBED OS2 no with MBED OS5, but I need a deep investigation about this point.