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Update to use PC_8 on NUCLEO_L073RZ
Example program for the DS1820 library. It searches for connected devices, reports their addresses, and then displays their temperatures.
Heladera Lauckner Lipari
Dual DS18B20 Serial Temp logger
Este es el Ejercicio 3 del TP Nº1 de Sistemas Embebidos. El objetivo del programa es mejorar el funcionamiento de una cafetera "ATMA CA8180"
NUCLEO-F401RE + DS18B20 + Thermistor Thermistor (NTC) of 10K - For calculate the temperature we use the Steinhart-Hart equation, see here: http://www.emcu.it/RaspBerryPi/RaspBerryPi_UK.html#Misura_NTC ATTENTION: Thermistor response, not fully tested. stm32
Ejercicio N°3: Sistema de control de una heladera