Motion Detected Pictures On a Server

We used a phidgets motion sensor and LS_Y_201 Camera interfaced with the mbed. The camera takes pictures only when any motion is detected. Practically this can be used for surveillance. The threshold for the motion sensor is set using a running average filter so that the value that the sensor detects is pulled down with respect to the previous value. The camera then clicks five pictures if the detected value from the motion sensor is less than .67. The files are saved on the mbed’s local file system, the path for which is then mounted on the /files path and the web root path.

Sample pictures taken by the camera :

/media/uploads/Shruti/test4.jpg /media/uploads/Shruti/test2.jpg

The code for our mini project can be seen at the link below:

The circuit :


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28 Sep 2015

Hi...sorry I am new in server and networking.. but where do you uploaded those photoes because in program you does not mention any address...

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