How to update firmware for GR-PEACH

How to Update the firmware of CMSIS-DAP

This page is for GR-PEACH rev.C.
If your GR-PEACH is rev.B, go to Information of GR-PEACH rev.B. (To identify GR-PEACH revision, see here.)

0. Preparation
Download a firmware from the following URI.

  1. Connect GR-PEACH to PC
    Please make a short-circuit at the JP2 when you would like to update the firmware.
    ・Revision C
    Step1 revC
    ・Revision B
    Step1 revB
  2. After the connection, it will appear as a disk called "CRP DISABLED".
    If "mbed" appears, the short-circuit of JP2 doesn't succeed.
    In this case, please re-try the previous item.
    When GR-PEACH connected as "CRP DISABLED", JP2 can be opened during firmware updating.
  3. Open the "CRP DISABLED" disk folder and delete the Firmware.bin. (Please check the following Note.)
  4. Copy the downloaded file to this drive. (Please check the following Note.)


For Mac user: please check the following URI instead of step 3 and 4.
: Refer here

5. Disconnect between GR-PEACH and PC after copy is finished.
6. Reconnect GR-PEACH and PC.
7. If USB disk appears as "mbed", firmware update is finished.

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