Add methods to return IMEI, MEID, IMSI, ICCID and RSSI.

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
14:e420232ee4e7 2018-01-09 RobMeades Add methods to return IMEI, MEID, IMSI, ICCID and RSSI. default tip
13:158a035b1b50 2018-01-09 fahim alavi Method moved in public area of code
12:aa3cbc3f88c5 2018-01-09 fahim alavi Code convention applied
11:57f64bc518c0 2018-01-02 fahim alavi IMEI provided to application
10:c4281fa79b8f 2018-01-02 fahimalavi Changes required for R410M in cellular base
9:2c997d7df4c6 2018-01-01 fahim alavi adding support of R410M R410_M
8:a15349fcab25 2017-10-30 RobMeades Remove assignment in condition to avoid ARM compiler warning.
7:c2cf27a981b3 2017-09-21 pilotak modem shield compatibility
6:8fadf1e49487 2017-08-11 Retry getting the IMSI as this can sometimes take a while with Sara-G350 modems if the SIM PIN is requested or the SIM takes a while to initialise itself.
5:05fa111c1cf3 2017-08-10 Remove reference to set_flow_control() since this is not yet exposed by UARTSerial.
4:2e640a101db1 2017-07-31 Take advantage of set_baud() to enable higher data rates. Add support for flow control but switched off until UARTSerial() supports it.
3:f9b2cd6f72b1 2017-06-19 Corrected hard coding of modem baud rate.
2:73fcc33c9400 2017-06-13 Make debug prints conditional on _debug_trace_on.
1:5aaecf2572dc 2017-06-12 Tested on C027.
0:5cffef3371f6 2017-06-12 RobMeades Initial commit, not yet compiling but I'm tired of doing everything in the on-line IDE so I need to publish to take the code off-line.