Class library for internal ADC and DAC connected by SPI. This library support clock generator using TIM3 for switched-capacitor filter to smooth output signal of DAC. This library includes derivative class to support interrupt occured in end of AD conversion. Validated for ST Nucleo F401RE, F411RE. 内蔵 ADC と,SPI 接続の DAC のためのクラスライブラリ.DAC の出力信号を平滑化するためのスイッチトキャパシタフィルタ用のクロックは TIM3 を使用.ST Nucleo F401RE,F411RE で動作を確認.

Dependents:   UITDSP_ADDA_Example UIT2_MovingAv_Intr UIT2_VariableFIR UIT2_VowelSynthesizer ... more