Fujitsu MB85RCxx I2C FRAM test program

Dependencies:   mbed MB85RCxx_I2C


MB82RCxx pinmbed LPC1114FN28 pinmbed LPC1768 pinArudino form factor
1 (A0)22 (GND)1 (GND)GND
2 (A1)22 (GND)1 (GND)GND
3 (A2)22 (GND)1 (GND)GND
4 (VSS)22 (GND)1 (GND)GND
5 (SDA)2 (dp5)9 (p9)D14
6 (SCL)6 (dp27)10 (p10)D15
7 (WP)22 (GND)1 (GND)GND
8 (VDD)21 (VDD)40 (VOUT)3V3


SDA and SCL must be pulled-up by 2.2k-ohm registers.

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