CMSIS-DAP for the freedom platform

Hello mbed users,

I have built the latest (4th of December 2013) CMSIS-DAP for the all currently supported freedom platforms. They include a fix which should fix reconnecting the mbed drive on windows 8.1. These binaries do not solve problem with openSDA bootloader.


The files I attached here are not officially released by the mbed. Their purpose is testing (beta versions of CMSIS-DAP interface). Therefore if you have any problems, please report them here in comments or start a new discussion on mbed-devel mailing list. Thank you!

Note If file is not zip archive, click on the file and store as "Save as". I'll fix this with the new release of beta versions.


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06 Dec 2013


Thanks. I tried kl46z. My Windows 7 doesn't emumerate HID interface, and it cannot find appropriate driver for PEMicro/Freescale - CDC Serial Port. Anything wrong in my side or interface side?

- Joey

06 Dec 2013

Hi Joey - I've been testing the KL46Z and had a similar problem. Here are my steps to getting Martin's interface firmware to work with Win7.

  1. Update PEMicro Bootloader
  2. Update KL46 with /media/uploads/Kojto/mbed-interface-v1-frdm-kl46z-test.s19

Let me know if this helps you and also what version of the PE bootloader you have on the FRDM-KL46Z

11 Dec 2013

Problem solved for me too.

The way I made it work was: 1. Update PC serial driver: 2. Update KL46Z firmware

Thanks, Joey

14 Jan 2014

Hi, could you please tell me where i can download CMSIS-DAP source files?

14 Jan 2014

Fan Yang wrote:

Hi, could you please tell me where i can download CMSIS-DAP source files?

Hello, on github


23 Dec 2014

Would please give me a tutorial about how to build the s19 file?

23 Jun 2015

I love you, thanks for the fix for the KL25Z

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