Autocooling desk

My desk has open drawers on each side. In the right side drawer, there are my DSL model and my WiFi router. In the left side drawer, there are a Synology NAS, a gigabit switch, a GuruPlug Linux server doing SNMP management tasks and some USB drives.

Here, in Bordeaux, it can be really warn in summer and as I my office is under the roof in the house (no AC), temperature can come close to 35°C. Even if the drawers are open, as there is no air circulation, temperature can come close to 45°C. Inside the electronic stuff, it is even worse and I had many downtime last August.

I drilled two 8cm large holes behind both drawers, put fancy grids and placed silent computer fans to move warm air out of the drawers.

I am using DS18S20 thermometers to read air temperature in each drawer and a TB6612FNG dual motor controller to start fans if temperature is over a value I set up. One TB6612FNG pilots fans in each drawer so they can be started separately.

So now I am ready for global warming ;-)

This is not the project of the year but It was fun to do over a week-end and should really help next summer. May be I will add a http client to post values to Pachube to track values... and give the mbed (too powerful for such a small job) some tasks to do.

Some pictures :

Right drawer with the two openings and protection grids in the background.

Same on left drawer.

Grid behind the drawer for warm air exit.

Super silent PC fans

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27 Nov 2010

That's good thinking. I have problems like that in the summer as well, although I'm in Canada so it's not likely quite as bad.

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