Nordic stack and drivers for the mbed BLE API. Version to work around build bug.

Dependents:   microbit_rubber_ducky microbit_mouse_BLE microbit_mouse_BLE_daybreak_version microbit_presenter

Fork of nRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
ansi_escape.h [code]TBD
ant_stack_handler_types.h [code]
app_error.c [code]
app_error.h [code]
app_scheduler.c [code]
app_scheduler.h [code]
app_timer.h [code]
app_util.h [code]
app_util_platform.c [code]
app_util_platform.h [code]
assertion.h [code]TBD
binary.h [code]
ble.h [code]
ble_advdata.c [code]
ble_advdata.h [code]
ble_conn_params.cpp [code]
ble_conn_params.h [code]
ble_conn_state.c [code]
ble_conn_state.h [code]
ble_date_time.h [code]Contains definition of ble_date_time structure
ble_dfu.c [code]
ble_dfu.h [code]
ble_err.h [code]
ble_error.h [code]Error Header
ble_flash.c [code]
ble_flash.h [code]
ble_gap.h [code]
ble_gatt.h [code]
ble_gatt_db.h [code]
ble_gattc.h [code]
ble_gatts.h [code]
ble_hci.h [code]
ble_l2cap.h [code]
ble_radio_notification.c [code]
ble_radio_notification.h [code]
ble_ranges.h [code]
ble_sensor_location.h [code]
ble_srv_common.c [code]
ble_srv_common.h [code]
ble_stack_handler_types.h [code]
ble_types.h [code]
bootloader.h [code]
bootloader_types.h [code]
bootloader_util.c [code]
bootloader_util.h [code]
btle.cpp [code]
btle.h [code]
btle_advertising.cpp [code]
btle_advertising.h [code]
btle_discovery.cpp [code]
btle_discovery.h [code]
btle_gap.cpp [code]
btle_gap.h [code]
btle_security.cpp [code]
btle_security.h [code]
common/common.h [code]
nordic_sdk/components/libraries/util/common.h [code]
compiler.h [code]GCC Header
compiler_abstraction.h [code]
crc16.c [code]
crc16.h [code]
custom_helper.cpp [code]
custom_helper.h [code]
device_manager.h [code]
device_manager_cnfg.h [code]
device_manager_peripheral.c [code]
dfu.h [code]
dfu_app_handler.c [code]
dfu_app_handler.h [code]
dfu_bank_internal.h [code]
dfu_ble_svc.h [code]
dfu_ble_svc_internal.h [code]
dfu_init.h [code]
dfu_init_template.c [code]
dfu_transport.h [code]
dfu_types.h [code]
fds.c [code]
fds.h [code]
fds_config.h [code]
fds_types_internal.h [code]
fstorage.c [code]
fstorage.h [code]
fstorage_config.h [code]
fstorage_nosd.c [code]
hci_mem_pool.c [code]
hci_mem_pool.h [code]
hci_mem_pool_internal.h [code]
id_manager.c [code]
id_manager.h [code]
nordic_common.h [code]Common defines and macros for firmware developed by Nordic Semiconductor
nrf.h [code]
nrf51.h [code]
nrf51_bitfields.h [code]
nrf51_deprecated.h [code]
nRF5xCharacteristicDescriptorDiscoverer.cpp [code]
nRF5xCharacteristicDescriptorDiscoverer.h [code]
nRF5xDiscoveredCharacteristic.cpp [code]
nRF5xDiscoveredCharacteristic.h [code]
nRF5xGap.cpp [code]
nRF5xGap.h [code]
nRF5xGattClient.cpp [code]
nRF5xGattClient.h [code]
nRF5xGattServer.cpp [code]
nRF5xGattServer.h [code]
nRF5xn.cpp [code]
nRF5xn.h [code]
nRF5xSecurityManager.h [code]
nRF5xServiceDiscovery.cpp [code]
nRF5xServiceDiscovery.h [code]
nrf_assert.c [code]
nrf_assert.h [code]Utilities for verifying program logic
nrf_delay.c [code]
nrf_delay.h [code]
nrf_ecb.c [code]Implementation of AES ECB driver
nrf_ecb.h [code]ECB driver API
nrf_error.h [code]
nrf_error_sdm.h [code]
nrf_error_soc.h [code]
nrf_gpio.h [code]
nrf_gpiote.h [code]
nrf_mbr.h [code]
nrf_nvmc.c [code]NMVC driver implementation
nrf_nvmc.h [code]NMVC driver API
nrf_sdm.h [code]
nrf_soc.h [code]
nrf_svc.h [code]
nrf_temp.h [code]
nrf_wdt.h [code]
peer_data.c [code]
peer_data.h [code]
peer_data_storage.c [code]
peer_data_storage.h [code]
peer_database.c [code]
peer_database.h [code]
peer_id.c [code]
peer_id.h [code]
peer_manager_types.h [code]
pm_buffer.c [code]
pm_buffer.h [code]
pm_mutex.c [code]
pm_mutex.h [code]
projectconfig.h [code]
pstorage.c [code]
pstorage.h [code]
pstorage_platform.h [code]
sdk_common.h [code]
sdk_errors.h [code]
sdk_mapped_flags.c [code]
sdk_mapped_flags.h [code]
sdk_os.h [code]
section_vars.h [code]
softdevice_assert.h [code]
softdevice_handler.c [code]
softdevice_handler.h [code]
softdevice_handler_appsh.c [code]
softdevice_handler_appsh.h [code]