Grupo Fiuba

Buenos Aires, Argentina

<p>Cuenta de la materia Sistemas Embebidos de la Facultad de Ingenieria de la UBA</p>

Grupo’s public repositories

  • OS 2

    A very simple demo program that makes the 4 leds on the board change their brightness using PWMs, in a semi random way.

    lds, pwm, timer
    Last updated: 25 Nov 2009 1 59
  • led_cube

    The led_cube library is a graphic library for led cubes.

    cube, led
    Last updated: 27 Feb 2011 1 15
  • tlc5940

    This library creates the interface to operate the TLC5940. This device manages 16 PWM outputs.

    led, pwm, tlc5940
    Last updated: 27 Nov 2010 4 95
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