Offline Compiling Made Easy

Thanks go to Adam Green over on his notebook page regarding gcc4mbed! Check it out here.

Ok, I wrote a handy offline compiler creator.

Here's how to setup an offline compiler in windows....

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. Extract it into a folder.
  3. Run createcompiler.cmd

Watch and wait.

Feel free to view the readme.

1 comment on Offline Compiling Made Easy:

09 Sep 2011

Not exactly offline compilation for the mbed, but I'll share anyway. I use Visual Studio C++ for the core components of my app. I do this to unit test all core modules of the app (my code mostly), then I do integration on the device. VSC++ gives me a nice IDE + debugger. I then upload the files to mbed and compile there for the integration bits.

Most of device specific things (like SPI, ports, etc) I just stub what I need.

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