I2S Info

IS2 Pinout

I2S Transmit
Shared with one SPI interface
p5 | P0_9 | I2STX_SDA
p6 | P0_8 | I2STX_WS
p7 | P0_7 | I2STX_CLK

I2S Receive
Shared with only CAN Interface and a Data Line
p8 | P0_6 | I2SRX_SDA
p29 | P0_5 | I2SRX_WS
p30 | P0_4 | I2SRX_CLK

Alternate I2S Receive
Shared with half of the AnalogIn block
p15 | P0_23 | I2SRX_CLK
p16 | P0_24 | I2SRX_WS
p17 | P0_25 | I2SRX_SDA


Audio Codec IC
UDA1344TS/N2,512 (Datasheet)
Low-voltage low-power stereo audio CODEC with DSP features
Status: Ordered from Mouser
Notes: Low pin count required, lots of features, flexible implementation

Audio Codec IC Breakout
SSOP28 to DIP breakout
Status: Ordered from Sparkfun
Notes: May or may not quite fit depending on accuracy of images, going to add passives to board if I can

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