This is an example based on mbed-os cellular APIs that demonstrates a TCP or UDP echo transaction with a public echo server.


This code is forked from

This is an example showing how to use Skywire board with LE910-x module.

In this example, I had used the LE910-EUG module for 4G communication. Mbed OS code wasn't changed for LE910-x, because the Telit' HE910 is included mainline code on Mbed OS already. HE910 and LE910 are most similar. Therefore you can use LE910 via HE910 driver. Please check to configure of mbed_app.json, and initialize code for Skywire board of main.cpp.

Open mbed_app.json, you need to define a UART for the MCU to communicate with the xE910 module.

            "TELIT_HE910.tx"                 : "D1",
            "TELIT_HE910.rx"                 : "D0",
            "TELIT_HE910.provide-default"    : true

If you are using Pelion CM, make the following settings:

            "nsapi.default-cellular-apn"     : "\"\"",
            "nsapi.default-cellular-username": "\"streamip\"",
            "nsapi.default-cellular-password": "\"streamip\"",

For your information, please see Pelion Connectivity Quick start guide.


You can find Skywire sensor shield information though NimbeLink site.

Tested with

  • K64F

1. Import the application into your desktop:

 mbed import

 cd mbed-os-example-cellular-le910

2. Compile and program:

mbed compile -t GCC_ARM -m DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

3. Download binary to a target board

4. Result


Built: Feb  7 2020, 07:02:27
Starting Skywire board with LE910-EUG Demo...
Waiting for Skywire to Boot...
Wait 15 seconds..
Establishing connection

Connection Established.
TCP: connected with server
TCP: Sent 4 Bytes to
Received from echo server 4 Bytes

Success. Exiting 

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