This is an example based on mbed-os cellular APIs that demonstrates a TCP or UDP echo transaction with a public echo server. Included TPB23 NB-IoT module which is can use LGU+ in Korea.


This guide is how to use NB-IOT(SECOM TPB23 module) of LGU+ network in Korea. The NB-IOT module seller provided a document on how to start based on Mbed OS 5.11 created by CodeZoo. This guide has been updated to Mbed OS 5.12.


462 320 320

Tested with

1. Import the application into your desktop

mbed import

cd mbed-os-example-cellular-TPB23

2. Compile and program

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <TARGET_BOARD>

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

3. Download binary to a target board

4. Result


Built: Aug  7 2019, 06:10:47

[MAIN], plmn: NULL
Establishing connection
[00000001ms][INFO][CELL]: New CellularContext  (20000a08)
[00000002ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext plmn NULL
[00000003ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext connect
[00000036ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI -69 dBm
[00000036ms][INFO][CELL]: Start connecting (timeout 1 s)
[00000087ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI -69 dBm
[00000116ms][INFO][CELL]: Modem ready
[00000146ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI -69 dBm
[00000146ms][INFO][CELL]: Setup SIM (timeout 1 s)
[00001233ms][INFO][CELL]: Looked up APN internet
[00001362ms][ERR ][CELL]: AT error code 50
[00001362ms][WARN][CELL]: Packet domain event reporting set failed!
[00001393ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI -65 dBm
[00001393ms][INFO][CELL]: Network registration (timeout 180 s)
[00001443ms][INFO][CELL]: Registering network => Attaching network
[00001473ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI -65 dBm
[00001473ms][INFO][CELL]: Attaching network (timeout 60 s)
[00001601ms][INFO][CELL]: Found PDP context 1
[00001649ms][INFO][CELL]: Activate PDP context 1

Connection Established.
[00001671ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 open
[00001707ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 open
[00001748ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket create id: 1
[00001883ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 sent 43 bytes to port 53
[00004311ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 recv 59 bytes from port 53
[00004331ms][INFO][CELL]: Close socket: 1 error: 0
[00004331ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 closed
[00004373ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket create id: 1
TCP: connected with server
[00004448ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 sent 4 bytes to port 7
TCP: Sent 4 Bytes to
[00007560ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 recv 4 bytes
[00007580ms][INFO][CELL]: Close socket: 1 error: 0
[00007580ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 closed
Received from echo server 4 Bytes
[00007581ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext disconnect()
[00007630ms][INFO][CELL]: cb: CellularContext disconnected

Success. Exiting

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