Test code that Cat.M1 of BG96 for SK Telecom in Korea

This example showing how to use Cat.M1(BG96 module) of SK telecom network in Korea. You need a WIZnet BG96 board or can connect directly to M2Mnet BG96 module and development board.

  • If you are using Mbed OS 5.11.5 version, please see here!
  • Pelion ready example code is here!

board board




  • BG96 RESET = D7
  • BG96 PWRKEY = D9
  • BG96 RX = D0(or D2)
  • BG96 TX = D1(or D8)
  • BG96 VCC = VCC(5V)
  • BG96 GND = GND

Tested with

  • K66F
  • K64F

Below boards are Need to connect board's D2 and D8 to BG96's TX and RX on mbed_app.json


 "QUECTEL_BG96.tx": "D8",
 "QUECTEL_BG96.rx": "D2",

1. Import the application into your desktop:

 mbed import https://os.mbed.com/users/Daniel_Lee/code/mbed-os-example-cellular-BG96/

 cd mbed-os-example-cellular-BG96

2. Compile and program:

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <TARGET_BOARD>

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

3. Download binary to a target board

4. Result


Built: Jul 24 2019, 14:55:22

[MAIN], plmn: NULL
Establishing connection
M2Mnet(BG96) Power ON
[00005501ms][INFO][CELL]: New CellularContext  (20004120)
[00005501ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext plmn NULL
[00005502ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext connect
[00006503ms][INFO][CELL]: Start connecting (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006512ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006520ms][INFO][CELL]: Modem ready
[00006524ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006524ms][INFO][CELL]: Setup SIM (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006529ms][INFO][CELL]: SIM is ready
[00006558ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00006566ms][INFO][CELL]: Network registration (timeout 1000 ms)
[00006570ms][INFO][CELL]: Continue after 1 seconds
[00006964ms][ERR ][CELL]: AT overflow
[00007576ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00007582ms][INFO][CELL]: Registering network => Attaching network
[00007586ms][INFO][CELL]: RSSI unknown
[00007586ms][INFO][CELL]: Attaching network (timeout 1000 ms)
[00007660ms][INFO][CELL]: Found PDP context 7
[00007663ms][INFO][CELL]: Activate PDP context 7
[00009733ms][INFO][CELL]: Found PDP context 7

Connection Established.
[00009742ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 open
[00009752ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 open
[00009786ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 sent 43 bytes to port 53
[00009967ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 recv 71 bytes from 64:ff9b::808:808 port 53
[00009972ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 1 closed
TCP: connected with echo.mbedcloudtesting.com server
[00010384ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 sent 4 bytes to 2a05:d018:21f:3800:3164:2a5c7
TCP: Sent 4 Bytes to echo.mbedcloudtesting.com
[00011257ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 recv 4 bytes
[00021263ms][INFO][CELL]: Socket 0 closed
Received from echo server 4 Bytes
[00021263ms][INFO][CELL]: CellularContext disconnect()
[00021264ms][INFO][CELL]: cb: CellularContext disconnected

Success. Exiting

5. Patched code

If need more information such as how to test, please look at https://os.mbed.com/teams/mbed-os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-cellular/.