I'm an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

Charles’s public repositories

The program reads an analog voltage from a potentiometer and lights the Nucleo board's built-in LED based on its value.
Move a lighted bar back and forth on an LED bargraph display. Demonstrations for loops.
Move lighted bar back and forth on a bargraph LED display. Demonstrations for loops.
Reports the difference between two successive timer read_us calls.
Times the sending of text across a serial connection.
Toggle LED1 when USER_BUTTON is pressed.
Sends the interval between user button press and release via serial connection to PC. Uses a timer.
My version of the MSOE EE-2905 switch case example
My version of mbed blink
Initial version. Demonstrates the use of PwmOut.
Displays 4 bit binary count on bar graph display. Demonstrates BusOut usage.
Simple console and LED blink test program.
Common anode LED version of my Smart Nightlight program. For use at the Adrift faculty development activity.
The 3rd of 5 simple mbed demonstration projects. Provides the same functionality as my analogRead project, but uses = and float operator overloads to make code more transparent.
Smart of night demonstration project. Color of light fades from blue to green to red as it gets darker.
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