I'm an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE).

Charles’s public repositories

Relay data between PC a Nucleo Board another Nucleo Board and back to the PC.
Produces 2 cycles of a sine wave. Use to demonstrate data export to Excel and/or Matlab.
Demonstration of some struct features and use.
EMG control program for use with Olimex ECG/EMG boards. Interacts with my OlimexChart Matlab programs to produce ECG or EMG strip chart displays. Also controls a relay for my Human-Human ...
The connection between arrays and pointers.
Demonstrates the use of function pointers.
Demonstrates the use of pointers with scanf.
Displays 4 bit binary count on bar graph display. Demonstrates BusOut usage.
Demonstrate basic pointer use.
This program implements a simple patient database based on a structure. It demonstrates struct and pointer use.
This program prompts the user for the current date and time and sets the Nucleo real time clock (RTC) accordingly. It demonstrates the use of C data and time functions ...
Demonstrates creation of millisecond ticker for use in time stamping data. Also responds to serial input by responding with time and delta time.
Explores the behavior of wait and ticker functions.
Demonstrates the use and limitations of arrays of strings.
This project confirms the use of a header file for data inclusion. It is not standard practice to put array creation code in a header file, but it works. See ...
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