Simple Webserver example for wiznet W5500 (SPI Ethernet chip) mbed OS 5 - HTTP 1.1 and multi-threaded

Dependencies:   W5500Interface easy-connect mbed-http

Fork of http-webserver-example by sandbox


This application demonstrates how to run an HTTP server on an mbed OS 5 device & WIZnet W5500 Ethernet components.

Request parsing is done through [nodejs/http-parser](

To build

  1. Open ``mbed_app.json`` and change the `network-interface` option to your connectivity method ([more info](
  2. Build the project in the online compiler or using mbed CLI.
  3. Flash the project to your development board.
  4. Attach a serial monitor to your board to see the debug messages.

Tested on

But every networking stack that supports the [mbed OS 5 NetworkInterface API]( should work.

Test Result