Airsoft Prop Project

Needed Materials:

1. Case - could be a suitcase or a metal case, that can be locked for different types of game objectives.

2. LCD screen to display status of the prop.

3. CO2 Canister with an electronic control valve

- Use a Solenoid valve:

4. Keypad to enter the disarm codes

5. MBED - You always need a brain, right?


Optional Materials:

1. RFID Reader and RFID cards - This might be fun if it's not too much trouble.

2. Buzzer or beepers - Maybe?



1. Must be constructed so that if any part wears out or breaks it can be easily repaired.

2. Parts must be able to be replaced.

3. Less than $100 in parts (other than the MBED)

4. Disarm code must be programable


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