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  • OS 2

    Demo for new class to play a note on a speaker using a PWM output See http://mbed.org/users/4180_1/notebook/using-a-speaker-for-audio-output/

    Last updated: 21 Oct 2014 3 1179
  • OS 2

    iRobot Create demo

    Last updated: 16 Oct 2014 1 9
  • OS 2

    example skeleton code for student lab project

    Last updated: 23 Jan 2014 5 4034
  • OS 2

    Classic Kill the Bit game for the application board. Press joystick down to kill off the leftmost LED, but if your timing is off more LEDs turn on. LEDs flash ...

    application board, games
    Last updated: 26 Nov 2013 1 951
  • OS 2

    A wave player demo setup for the mbed application board. Reads a wave file from a USB flash drive, and outputs to the onboard speaker (very low volume) and the ...

    Last updated: 01 Nov 2013 10 1108
  • wave_player_appbd

    A version of the mbed waveplayer, but setup for the mbed application board PWM speaker and audio out jack

    Last updated: 01 Nov 2013 3 91
  • OS 2

    Websocket demo for app board by C. Styles with updated libraries. DHCP service and a network cable is required.

    Last updated: 01 Oct 2013 4 112
  • OS 2

    Clock display on app board LCD is set using an NTP network time server. DHCP service must be enabled for mbed to get an IP address. A network cable is ...

    Last updated: 01 Oct 2013 2 350
  • OS 2

    This demo uses the mbed RTOS to run eight threads (including main). The threads are using different I/O devices on the application board. Several of the threads output to the ...

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2013 5 835
  • OS 2

    This demo uses the application board’s I2C temperature sensor to measure the board’s temperature. Pot 1 (blue dial near LCD) is used to adjust a temperature alarm setting. Alarm uses ...

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2013 5 466