Base class for the u-blox N2xx modems. Cannot be used standalone, only inherited by classes that do properly useful stuff. Or, to put it another way, if you are using any of the classes ending with 'n2xx', you will need this class also. Note: requires the N211 module firmware to be at least 06.57 A01.02.

Dependents:   example-ublox-cellular-interface HelloMQTT example-ublox-cellular-interface_r410M example-ublox-mbed-client ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for ublox-cellular-base-n2xx


UbloxCellularBaseN2xx::DeviceInfo Info about the modem
UbloxCellularBaseN2xx UbloxCellularBase class


UbloxCellularBaseN2xx.cpp [code]
UbloxCellularBaseN2xx.h [code]