The example program for mbed pin-compatible platforms

Dependencies:   mbed

Mbed 2

This is an Mbed 2 project. If you'd like to learn about using blinky with Mbed OS please see the mbed-os docs.


This example demonstrates how to blink an led using the DigitalOut API. On all mbed platforms the pins LED1, LED2, LED3, and LED4 have mappings to led's on the board. Sometimes there are 4 different LED's, sometimes they all map to the same LED, sometimes they will map to pins on a tricolor led. This varies depending on who made the board, but the definitions are always valid.

How to use

Import this code into your compiler, select your platform from the top right, compile the code, load it onto your board, press the reset button on the board and you code will run. See the led blink!


Challenge 1

Now, try changing which led's blink by changing LED1 to LED2-4. Check the pin mapping on your boards platform page for where the led's are mapped to.

Challenge 2

Try changing the speed the led's blink at by changing the numbers in the wait() function. The wait function is in seconds, so wait(0.5) waits for half a second.

Challenge 3

Try turning on multiple LED's at the same time. If you have a tri-color LED on the board this will make it change colors. If you have multiple LED's on the board you will be able to see multiple turn on. If you only have 1 LED on the board then this will do nothing special.

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