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Simple example for the network-socket API

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Getting started with the network-socket API

(Note: To see this example in a rendered form you can import into the Arm Mbed Online Compiler, please see the documentation.)

This is a quick example of a simple HTTP client program using the
network-socket API that Mbed OS provides.

The program brings up an underlying network interface, and uses it to perform an HTTP
transaction over a TCPSocket.

Selecting the network interface

This application is able to use any network inteface it finds. Please see the Mbed OS documentationg for selecting the default network interface.

For example, building on Ethernet enabled boards, you do not do any configuration.

Building for WiFi boards, you need to provide SSID, password and security settings in mbed_app.json as instructed in the documentation. For example, like this:

    "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "platform.stdio-convert-newlines": true,
            "": "WIFI",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-security": "WPA_WPA2",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-ssid": "\"ssid\"",
            "nsapi.default-wifi-password": "\"password\""

Building for boards that have more that one network interface, you might need to override variable.


mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <target>

For example, building for K64F using GCC: mbed compile -t GCC_ARM -m K64F

Expected output

Note: The default serial port baud rate is 9600 bit/s.

Mbed OS Socket example
Mbed OS version: 5.15.0

IP address:

Resolve hostname address is
sent 56 [GET / HTTP/1.1]
recv 256 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK]


More information on the network-socket API can be found in the mbed handbook.


If you have problems, you can review the documentation for suggestions on what could be wrong and how to fix it.

License and contributions

The software is provided under Apache-2.0 license. Contributions to this project are accepted under the same license. Please see for more info.

This project contains code from other projects. The original license text is included in those source files. They must comply with our license guide.