mbed API users

Users of the mbed REST API

Repository API


The authentication method currently available is HTTP Basic authentication.

Creating a repository

POST https://mbed.org/api/v2/repo/

This call requests that a repository is created.


name Repo name *

description Repo description *

tags Repo tags, comma seperated

visibility One of 'public', 'unlisted', or 'private' *

repotype One of 'program', or 'library'

fork_repo_url Fork another repository at url provided

fork_workspace_program Fork a program in your workspace. Provide name of program

apache Apache licenced? Boolean.

group 'slug' of team where to to create the repo.

Slug is the unique part of the URL. Example: https://mbed.org/teams/mbed-api-users/ Slug is 'mbed-api-users'.

If not supplied, the repository will be created under your username.

Example using curl

curl https://mbed.org/api/v2/repo/ -X POST -d "name=test_repo&description=A test&visibility=unlisted" --user dan

Enter host password for user 'dan':
    "created_repository_url": "http://mbed.org/users/dan/code/test_repo/"

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