A replacement for InterruptIn that debounces the interrupt.

Dependents:   D7A_Demo-Get-started CVtoOSCConverter EE3501keypad D7A_Localisation ... more

Fork of DebouncedInterrupt by Anil Kandangath


Example code:

#include "DebouncedInterrupt.h"

DebouncedInterrupt up_button(USER_BUTTON);

void onUp()
    // Do Something

int main()
    // Will immediatly call function and ignore other interrupts until timeout
    up_button.attach(&onUp, IRQ_FALL, 1000, true);

    // Will call function only if button has been held for the specified time
    //up_button.attach(&onUp, IRQ_FALL, 500, false);

    while(1) {}

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