TCP Echo Server Example using WizFi310

Dependencies:   NetworkSocketAPI WizFi310Interface mbed


This example shows that Wizwiki-W7500 and WizFi310 operates as a TCP server. When receiving data from a TCP client, it returns same data.

To implement this function, you need a Platform board and Wi-Fi board. Below are what we used.

  • WIZwiki-W7500 from WIZnet (Platform board)
  • WizFi310 from WIZnet (Wi-Fi board)

WIZwiki-W7500 Pin map

pin map

  • D0 is for RXD, D1 is for TXD
  • D6 is for CTS, D7 is for RTS
  • D9 is for RESET

WizFi310 Pin map

pin map

  • J1 is for RXD, J3 is for TXD
  • SW6-1 is connected to D6 for RTS, SW6-2 is connected to D7 for CTS
  • SW5-3 is connected to D9 for RESET


Connect to Wi-Fi


Get information

const char *ip = wifi.get_ip_address();
const char *mac = wifi.get_mac_address();

Receive data and return to TCP client

while (true)
    int n = clt_sock.recv(buffer, sizeof(buffer));
    if( n < 0 )
    if( n > 0 )
        buffer[n] = '\0';
        printf("length : %d\r\n", n);
        clt_sock.send(buffer, n);


TCP client and server should be in a same network.

Download repository: zip gz