Application for nRF51822 mbed KIT that controls the intensity of LED2 using the BLE UART Service. Works with the Android App BLE_mbed_Remote available here

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

Fork of BLE_UART_LEDControl_Echo by UCL IoT

This program demonstrates the use of the BLE UART Service to receive and send commands in order to remotely control the operation. In this example the intensity of LED2 can be remotely controlled.

The program accepts commands of the form "led2 0.1" over the BLE UART Service and uses these to set the duty cycle of the PWM Output that is connected to LED2 on the nRF51822 mbed KIT.

An Example Android App is available here The complete source code and Android Studio Project files are available and can simply be pulled into Android Studio. The App implements sending of text, LED on off Button and a slider to control the LED brightness. At this stage setting the switch to off sets the PWM duty cycle to 0.0, however due to the PWMOut implementation in mbed the LED is not completely off at this point.

Download repository: zip gz