Driver for the Silicon Labs Si1133 Visible Light/UV sensor

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Table of Contents

  1. Datasheet
  2. Usage

Sample library for use with the Silicon Labs Si1133 sensor for visible light intensity (lux) and UV index measurements.


All examples in this repo are considered EXPERIMENTAL QUALITY, meaning this code has been created as one-off proof-of-concept and is suitable as a demonstration for experimental purposes only. This code will not be regularly maintained by Silicon Labs and there is no guarantee that these projects will work across all environments, SDK versions and hardware.



#include "mbed.h"
#include "Si1133.h"
//Create an Si1133 object
Si1133 sensor(PC4, PC5);
int main()
    //Try to open the Si1133
    if ( {
        printf("Device detected!\n");
        while (1) {
            //Print the current light level
            printf("Lux = %.3f\n", (float)sensor.get_light_level());
            //Print the current UV index
            printf("UV index = %.3f\n", (float)sensor.get_uv_index());
            //Sleep for 0.5 seconds
    } else {
        error("Device not detected!\n");

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