MemLCD-Temperature-Humidity-Demo: This is an example program for the Happy Gecko starter kit, which includes an on-board Sharp memory LCD, and a Silicon Labs si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor.

Dependencies:   MemoryLCD SILABS_RHT mbed


Demo of memory LCD and RHT library

Demo running on Happy Gecko starter kit

This demo is meant to run on a Silicon Labs EFM32 Happy Gecko Starter Kit, and will demonstrate the use of the Memory LCD and si70xx sensor libraries. It can exclusively be used with the low-power version of mbed.

For documentation on the libraries, please refer to the respective library pages.


All examples in this repo are considered EXPERIMENTAL QUALITY, meaning this code has been created as one-off proof-of-concept and is suitable as a demonstration for experimental purposes only. This code will not be regularly maintained by Silicon Labs and there is no guarantee that these projects will work across all environments, SDK versions and hardware.

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