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Buttons can be used as basic digital inputs for Microcontrollers. This program keeps the LED1 on as long as the button is pressed press.


  • Arch Board
  • Grove - Button


Import the following code to mbed online compiler

#include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut led(LED1);    // Configure LED1 pin as output
DigitalIn button(P1_14); // Configure P1_14 pin as input

int main()
    while(1) {
        led.write(;    /* read the state of input  pin P1_14 and write it to output port pin LED1*/

We use DigitalIn class to get the button's input. The function returns a value 1 if button is pressed and 0 if released. This value is written to LED1 using led.write().

More information of DigitalIn can be found at mbed handbook.

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