ePaperDisplay (ePD) gde021a1 driver. This ePD is present on the STMicroelectronics Discovery L053 board (STM32L0538-DISCO).

Dependents:   DISCO-L053C8_ePD_demo DISCO-L053C8_ePD_demo Ruche_V1 DISCO-L053C8_ePD_demo ... more

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for EPD_GDE021A1


EPD_GDE021A1 EPaperDisplay on SPI


EPD_GDE021A1.cpp [code]
EPD_GDE021A1.h [code]
font12epd.c [code]
font16epd.c [code] This file provides text font16 for STM32L0538-DISCO's EPD driver
font20epd.c [code] This file provides text font20 for STM32L0538-DISCO's EPD driver
font8epd.c [code]
fontsepd.h [code] Header for fonts files