An example program for Rohm SensorShield-EVK-001 running with Mbed OS 5.

Dependencies:   BM1422AGMV rohm-rpr0521 rohm-sensor-hal rohm-bh1790glc-driver BH1749NUC KX224-1053 BM1383AGLV RegisterWriter

Getting Started with Rohm SensorShield-EVK-001

This example demonstrates how to use the SensorShield-EVK-001 component with multiple sensors. those measured values, which received through a serial connection from a mbed board, are printed out in a terminal software window.



The SensorShield-EVK-001 is plugged on top of a mbed board and a serial connection should be set up between the mbed board and PC with the following parameters:

  • baud rate: 115200
  • data: 8 bit
  • parity: none
  • stop: 1bit
  • flow control: none

Terminal parameters

/media/uploads/edamame22/serial_port_setup.png /media/uploads/edamame22/terminal_setup.png

Measured Data Output