Video library for GR-PEACH

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vdc5_lcd_tcon_timing_t Struct Reference

vdc5_lcd_tcon_timing_t Struct Reference

#include <r_vdc5.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t tcon_hsvs
uint16_t tcon_hwvw
vdc5_lcd_tcon_polmode_t tcon_md
vdc5_lcd_tcon_refsel_t tcon_hs_sel
vdc5_sig_pol_t tcon_inv
vdc5_lcd_tcon_pin_t tcon_pin
vdc5_edge_t outcnt_edge

Detailed Description

LCD TCON timing signal parameter

Definition at line 343 of file r_vdc5.h.

Field Documentation

Output phase control of signal

Definition at line 350 of file r_vdc5.h.

Signal operating reference select

Definition at line 347 of file r_vdc5.h.

uint16_t tcon_hsvs

Signal pulse start position

Definition at line 344 of file r_vdc5.h.

uint16_t tcon_hwvw

Pulse width

Definition at line 345 of file r_vdc5.h.

Polarity inversion control of signal

Definition at line 348 of file r_vdc5.h.

POLA/POLB signal generation mode select

Definition at line 346 of file r_vdc5.h.

LCD TCON output pin select

Definition at line 349 of file r_vdc5.h.