This sample will play a ".wav" file of the USB root folder. Only RIFF format.

Dependencies:   R_BSP TLV320_RBSP USBHost_custom

Fork of GR-PEACH_Audio_WAV by Daiki Kato

Audio sample for GR-PEACH. This sample will play a ".wav" file of the USB root folder. If the USER_BUTTON0 is pressed, the next song is played.

The default setting of serial communication (baud rate etc.) in mbed is shown the following link.
Please refer to the link and change the settings of your PC terminal software.
The default value of baud rate in mbed is 9600, and this application uses baud rate 9600.

Please refer to following link about Audio/Camera Shield.

FormatWav file (RIFF format) ".wav"
Frequencies32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz
Quantization bit rate16bits, 24bits and 32bits

Use USB0


If you use the USB0 as USB Host, please close GR-PEACH's JP3.

You can use the USB1 connector by the procedure below.
(define 0:USB0、define 1:USB1)


#define USB_HOST_CH                           0
#define USB_HOST_CH                           1

Use USB1

If you use the USB1 as USB Host, please close Audio/Camera Shield's JP1. /media/uploads/dkato/audiocamerashield_jp1.jpg