Dependents of AsciiFont

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

This is the sample program that can see the decode result of barcode data on Watson IoT.
Sample program showing how to connect GR-PEACH into Watson IoT through mbed Connector and Watson's Connector Bridge
This program plays QuickTime movies on GR-Peach audio, dac, GR-PEACH, graphic, Graphics, LCD, USB, USB Host, USB memory, USB_MSD
Send the data of GR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample to the cloud.
Sample program that can send the recognition data from HVC-P2 to Fujitsu IoT Platform using REST (HTTP)
Sample program for communicating with Fujitsuu IoT Platform using HTTP
Set analog camera to default display, ntsc, video
Sample to operate omron HVC-P2 on GR-PEACH.
This is a mbed Client sample where ZXing is incorporated, and works on GR-PEACH and GR-LYCHEE.
Mbed Client sample for GR-LYCHEE where ZXing is incorporated.