First Revision of sample code for interfacing ROHM Multi-Sensor Shield board with Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51-DK Development Kit Host BTLE Board

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822 Nordic_UART_TEMPLATE_ROHM

Dependents:   Nordic_UART_TEMPLATE_ROHM

Fork of UART_TEMPLATE by daniel veilleux

Code Example for ROHM Multi-Sensor Shield on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51-DK

This code was written to be used with the Nordic Semiconductor nRF51-DK.

This is the basic example code for interfacing ROHM's Multi-sensor Shield Board onto this board.

Additional information about the ROHM MultiSensor Shield Board can be found at the following link:

For code example for the ROHM SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101, please see the following link:


Ultimately, this code will initialize all the sensors on the Multi-sensor shield board and then poll the sensors. The sensor data will then be returned to the BTLE COM port link and will be view-able on any BTLE enabled phone that can connect to the Nordic UART Application.

Supported ROHM Sensor Devices

  • BDE0600G Temperature Sensor
  • BM1383GLV Pressure Sensor
  • BU52014 Hall Sensor
  • ML8511 UV Sensor
  • RPR-0521 ALS/PROX Sensor
  • BH1745NUC Color Sensor
  • KMX62 Accel/Mag Sensor
  • KX122 Accel Sensor
  • KXG03 Gyro/Accel Sensor

Sensor Applicable Code Sections

  • Added a Section in "Main" to act as initialization
  • Added to the "Periodic Callback" to read sensor data and return to Phone/Host


Please feel free to let us know any questions/feedback/comments/concerns on the shield implementation by contacting the following e-mail:

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