Socket interface for C027Interface. Implements the NetworkSocketAPI

Dependencies:   C027_Support

Dependents:   HelloC027Interface U_Blox_DeviceConnector U_Blox_DeviceConnector U-Blox_Client

Fork of LWIPInterface by NetworkSocketAPI


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
23:5e320842ccad 2017-04-20 mbed_official Only join a running threat. Zero initialise callback array. default tip
22:69ea34ad7fc6 2017-03-27 mbed_official Fix bug allowing events to interrupt socket send and recv
21:0c4d90bc84af 2017-03-27 mbed_official Manage multiple sockets in socket_attach
20:be7a08046b6d 2017-03-27 sarahmarshy Socket attach function implemented in header file.
19:fed715eb9c83 2017-03-24 sarahmarshy New socket attach
18:d2ad48926718 2017-03-23 sarahmarshy Fixed bug in setting APN.
17:3f1e33e638a4 2017-02-02 sarahmarshy Update to be compatible CellularInterface changes
16:eaf31bd133f0 2017-02-02 sarahmarshy socket_attach and get_stack functions implemented
15:21d4f56eb172 2016-04-26 geky Adopt bitwise representation of IP address internally
14:3d1845f5cd81 2016-04-21 Christopher Haster Match changes to the NSAPI
13:e99aa98a083f 2016-04-15 geky Created C027Interface
12:181a9415736b 2016-04-15 geky Created C027Interface
11:82796df87b0a 2016-04-01 geky Updated NSAPI
10:f0a1f6527def 2016-03-31 geky Added workaound for timeval declaration in Linux
9:0c271431385e 2016-03-09 sam_grove add lwipopts for dtls handshake fix. Temp while waiting for mainline patch to be merged
8:cef01e812975 2016-03-09 sam_grove update formatting
7:08d5a40ae448 2016-03-09 sam_grove change LWIPSocket from struct to class
6:ebba105e893b 2016-03-07 geky Increased allocated netbufs to handle DTLS handshake
5:2c7d2186543c 2016-03-02 geky Matched changes to NetworkSocketAPI
4:a7349bd7776c 2016-02-29 geky Moved LWIPSocket into private class in LWIPInterface
3:774869068511 2016-02-29 geky Matched changes to NetworkSocketAPI
2:7fb7e78cb17f 2016-02-25 Christopher Haster Added rudimentary implementation of the LWIPInterface
1:2fbcfc9c12dd 2016-02-26 geky Added NetworkInterface stubs
0:3795160dfeac 2016-02-26 geky Initial commit