Freedom Example for the Seeed Grove Collision Sensor

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of frdm_Grove_Collision_Example by Freescale

Simply Import this Program into your mbed compiler
Select Compile to generate the binary file
Open an Hyperterminal window and connect to the mbed Serial Port (COMxx) peripheral using speed 9600bps
Plug the Grove Shield v2 on the top of your FRDM-K64F
Connect on end of the 4-pin Grove cable to the Collision module and the other end to the port D2 of the Grove Adapter.


Drag n drop the frdm_Grove_Collision_Example_K64F.bin into the mbed drive from your file explorer
Wait for download to complete
Press the Reset/SW1 button of your FRDM-K64F board to launch the program

Your hyperterminal window should now display Collision detected when you choc the module (see picture below)!!


Download repository: zip gz

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