MCU Code for FRDMKL25Z which works with Graphical User Interface available on Freescale website to control a brushed DC motor using FRDM-34931S-EVB / FRDM-34931-EVB / FRDM-33931-EVB. The code enables controlling the PWM frequency, duty cycle, enabling/disabling while monitoring status flag pin for undervoltge, short circuit and over-temperature events as well as real time load current for implementing advanced diagnostics.

Dependencies:   USBDevice mbed

Fork of Brushed_DC_Motor_Control_MC34931_MC33931 by Freescale

Import the program to your compiler window after logging in and complie to "main.cpp" file to generate the binary file "Brushed_DC_Motor_Control_MC34931_MC33931_KL25Z.bin" which can be flashed into the MBED drive on FRDM-KL25Z after upgrading the firmware.

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