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MAX32625PICO Firmware Updates

MAX32625PICO Firmware Updates

/media/uploads/switches/max32625pico_maxdap.png Just like most DAPLink interfaces, the MAX32625PICO board comes pre-installed with a bootloader that enables driverless drag-n-drop updates. This bootloader can be used to update or restore the DAPLink firmware on the MAX32625PICO board or it can also be used to load your own custom application on the board. This allows you to use the MAX32625PICO board as a tiny, embeddable development platform. To activate the bootloader, simply hold the lone button down while applying power to the board. When the bootloader detects the button press at power on, it will connect to the PC as a drive named "MAINTENANCE". Simply Drag-n-Drop the desired image onto the MAINTENANCE drive to load new firmware into the board.

Here are the links to several DAPLink images for a variety of different target platforms:

FileDrag-n-Drop Target BoardInterface Version
Default factory image.
VIO is input.
Applies 3.3V to VIO!


All images support CDC virtual UART and HID CMSIS-DAP debugging/programming with any target. Only MSD drag-n-drop programming is specific to the targets listed above.


Be careful when using the MAX32660 image with 3.3V power output. This image will apply 3.3V to the VIO pin of the MAXDAP connector which is incompatible with many targets. This allows using the MAX32625PICO board to power the MAX32660 Evaluation Kit, but it may permanently damage other target boards that connect VIO to 1.8V.

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