Timer based PWM output for MAX326XXFTHR platforms

Dependents:   MAX32620FTHR_PwmBlinky

Fork of MAX326XXFTHR_PwmOut by Jesse Marroquin

This library provides PWM output using the MAX32620/MAX32630 32-bit timers.

The mbed PwmOut API implementation uses Pulse Train peripherals.

The tables below contain the available GPIO pins that can be connected to the six 32-bit timers (TMR0-5). Timer 0 is used for the microsecond ticker API and is not available for PWM output. On the MAX32630FTHR platform, timer 5 is used by the BLE API and will not be available for PWM output if the BLE API is used.

MAX32620FTHR 32-Bit Timer PWM Mapping

TimerGPIO Port and Pin
TMR1P0_1, P0_7, P1_5, P3_1, P4_5, P5_3
TMR2P0_2, P1_0, P1_6, P2_4, P3_2, P4_0, P4_6, P5_4
TMR3P0_3, P1_1, P1_7, P2_5, P3_3, P4_7, P5_5
TMR4P0_4, P1_2, P2_6, P3_4, P5_0, P5_6
TMR5P0_5, P1_3, P2_7, P3_5, P5_1, P5_7

MAX32630FTHR 32-Bit Timer PWM Mapping

TimerGPIO Port and Pin
TMR1P3_1, P5_3
TMR2P2_4, P3_2, P4_0, P5_4
TMR3P2_5, P3_3, P5_5
TMR4P2_6, P3_4, P5_0, P5_6
TMR5P3_5, P5_1

Note GPIO P2_4, P2_5 and P2_6 are connected to onboard LEDs 1, 2 and 3.

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