Click Relay example for Hexiwear featuring Display, Touch buttons and Haptic feedback

Dependencies:   Hexi_KW40Z Hexi_OLED_SSD1351

Fork of Hexi_Click_Relay-v3_Example by Hexiwear

This project demonstrates the use of the Mikroelektronika Click Relay module with hexiwear featuring the OLED display, the Touch buttons and Haptic feedback

Plug Hexiwear into the Docking Station and the RELAY Click to the Click Socket 1
Connect the USB cable to your computer and to the micro-USB port of the Docking Station

Compile the project and copy the binary "Hexi_Click_Relay-v3_Example_HEXIWEAR.bin" in the DAP-LINK drive from your computer file explorer
Press the K64F-RESET button on the docking station to start the program on your board

The OLED screen will display two switch graphics with both relays in position OFF
Touch the left or right electrodes/buttons located below the screen to control the relay 1 or 2
Screen will update the graphics to reflect the status of the each relay either ON or OFF
Haptic motor will vibrate to acknowledge that a touch command has been received
RGB LED will briefly turn orange for Relay 1 and red for Relay 2 position change.