DigiMesh Node Discovery example for mbed XBeeLib By Digi

Dependencies:   XBeeLib mbed

Fork of XBeeZB_node_discovery by Digi International Inc.


This example shows how to discover remote XBee modules based on their NI (Node Identifier) instead of using its 64-bit network address

The example demonstrates the two ways of discovering nodes:

  • Search for all nodes to identify
  • Search for only one node

See Discovering nodes in the network chapter for more information.

Common Setup

Make sure you have a valid Example Common Setup

Example Setup

You need to have your remote XBee module with a valid Node Identifier "NI" (Remember that by default its value is a space). Then customize the REMOTE_NODE_ID define in the application with that value.

Running the example

Build and deploy the example to the mbed module.
Reset the mbed module so the example starts. You should see the example debug information through the debug interface configured in the 'Local Setup' chapter.

Once joined to the coordinator, the application will try to discover the remote XBee module with NI equal to the defined REMOTE_NODE_ID. If found, it will send it a 'hello' message. Check in the "Console" tab of the X-CTU connected to the remote XBee module that the message arrived.
Then a node discovery function callback will be registered and a node discovery performed. All remote XBee modules in the network should answer. This library will process each answer and call the registered callback. The callback sends a 'Hello neighbor!' message to each discovered remote XBee module. Check in the "Console" tab of the X-CTU connected to the remote XBee module that the message arrived.

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