DigiMesh Modem Status example for mbed XBeeLib By Digi

Dependencies:   XBeeLib mbed

Fork of XBeeZB_modem_status by Digi International Inc.


This example shows how to register a function callback to be aware of modem status changes. This library will call the registered callback whenever the XBee module radio modem changes its status

See Handling modem status changes chapter for more information.

Common Setup

Make sure you have a valid Example Common Setup

Example Setup

This example does not require any additional setup.

Running the example

Build and deploy the example to the mbed module.
Reset the mbed module so the example starts. You should see the example debug information through the debug interface configured in the 'Local Setup' chapter.

It you set up a network as described in the Common Setup section, you should see following modem status in the debug interface:

  • Modem Status 0x0: Corresponds to 'HwReset' meaning 'Hardware reset'
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