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This code example demonstrates how to connect a kit to WiFi by provisioning the WiFi credentials via BLE

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WiFi Provisioning via BLE


This code example demonstrates how to connect a kit to WiFi by
provisioning the WiFi credentials via BLE.

Supported Kits

  PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit (CY8CPROTO_062_4343W)
  PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT_062_WiFi_BT)

Code Example Opertaion

The WiFi and BLE stack on the kit will be initialized on power up.
The BLE is initialized with custom GATT settings and will advertise its
custom service with three characteristics in it:

  • BLE Custom Service UUID : 21c04d09-c884-4af1-96a9-52e4e4ba195b

  • BLE Characteristic 1

    • WiFi SSID : TEXT (<= 32 chars long)
    • UUID : 1e500043-6b31-4a3d-b91e-025f92ca9763
  • BLE Characteristic 2
    • WiFi Password : TEXT (8 - 63 chars long)
    • UUID : 1e500043-6b31-4a3d-b91e-025f92ca9764
  • BLE Characteristic 3
    • Connect/Disconnect : UINT8 (1: connect; 0: disconnect)
    • UUID : 1e500043-6b31-4a3d-b91e-025f92ca9765

End user with the mobile app need to:

  • Connect to the BLE device with the name “CONNECT-TO-WIFI”
  • Discover BLE Service, and GATT characteristics.
  • Configure SSID, Password, and send connect request. Note that, if the AP
    is in “Open” network, the password field should be left empty.
  • Once the kit is connected to WiFi successfully, it will check for Internet
    connectivity by trying to fetch current timestamp from NTP server.

Instructions to run the code example

  1. Import the code example into your mbed directory using following mbed command.
     $ mbed import

  2. Change working directory to the code example folder
     $ cd mbed-os-example-wifi-provisioning-via-ble

  3. Compile and program based on the target board and compiler type (GCC_ARM/IAR/ARMC6).
     Sample commands (include the parameter "--sterm" if you want to automatically open the
     serial terminal immediately after programming):
     $ mbed compile --toolchain GCC_ARM --target CY8CKIT_062_WIFI_BT --flash --sterm
     $ mbed compile --toolchain ARMC6 --target CY8CPROTO_062_4343W --flash --sterm
     $ mbed compile --toolchain IAR --target CY8CPROTO_062_4343W --flash --sterm

NTP Remote Server Address

  Currently, the NTP server address is set with public address "".
  Refer to the file NTPClient.h if custom NTP server IP address needs to be set.
  Please note that, after connecting to AP, the kit will try to fetch current
  timestamp from NTP server only when the NTP server address configured is valid
  and Internet access is available.

Known Issue

The BLE link disconnection with the mobile phone is observed when the mobile
phone is also configured as AP Hotspot for the kit to connect. The BLE connection
is stable when the mobile hotspot is ON. When the hotspot is turned off, the BLE link
gets disconnected. This is seen on Android and iOS mobile phones. So the recommended
method is to use external WiFi router as AP and mobile phone for BLE connection to the

Release Notes

Version Description
1.0 Initial release. Tested with mbed-os v5.13.1