Modified HTTPClient to fit lwip changes.

Fork of HTTPClient by David Smart


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
37:61814f654883 2016-02-26 jfanucch Bug fix to fit socket send call. default tip
36:a5c13e512b78 2016-01-26 WiredHome Fixed a memory leak that occurred during a redirection. Whether the redirection was 1 step, or many, there was a single leak. Fix was to free memory in the destructor.
35:d9e2d1c96b75 2015-08-06 WiredHome Code changes based on running through a stricter compiler.
34:3556275bebf3 2015-03-08 WiredHome Disabled debug settings as it has proven to be reliable.
33:d4d1475bafc0 2015-02-01 WiredHome Documentation improvements only, focused on HTTPFile.
32:7b9919d59194 2014-10-11 WiredHome Documentation updates only.
31:96da7c08b5d0 2014-07-26 WiredHome Increase a couple of buffers in order to post a long query string to a web site.
30:1df62fedb13b 2014-07-05 WiredHome Modified the return code so OK is the only value zero return.
29:9ee96efc1c20 2014-06-14 WiredHome Fix a bug in HTTPFile write method that was corrupting the received data.
28:c0c7a6321f84 2014-05-17 WiredHome disable debug
27:32a53068ce03 2014-04-26 WiredHome Debug turned on
26:58b6fe9f596b 2014-04-20 WiredHome Minor tweak to the debug interface - with debug enabled.
25:76084defa790 2014-03-23 WiredHome Corrected a defect where the count of custom headers was not initialized. This caused it to try to send <random> number of headers.; Also, enabled HTTPFile.
24:eee214e3e806 2014-03-15 WiredHome Reformatted to match standard style.; Added support for automatically following redirection, and for getting the redirect location.
23:517fec8b8b99 2014-03-15 WiredHome Added HTTPFile methods
22:d6b08d9749d6 2014-03-09 WiredHome Minor change to reduce compiler warnings.
21:d33f7e1ce811 2014-02-09 WiredHome Revise interface to Basic Auth credentials so it will cache them locally
20:4ea5255c1b04 2014-02-02 WiredHome Fixed Basic authorization and sending of the extra header information. Modified the debug stuff for consistency with some other apps.
19:bcbf0af9fac3 2014-01-24 vwochnik Improve auth, add custom headers
18:cf5d7427a9ec 2013-04-28 kazushi2008 implemented basicauth function
17:8299c6440e37 2013-01-18 stevep Enable basicauth
16:1f743885e7de 2012-08-30 donatien IHTTPData (HTTPText, HTTPMap) objects can be re-used multiple times (reading/writing position is reset on each connection); Support for PUT and DELETE methods
15:5ad07f90e895 2012-08-29 donatien Removed useless debug message
14:2744e0c0e527 2012-08-28 donatien Fixed short chunk buffer issue
13:be61104f4e91 2012-08-05 donatien Fixed blocking mode
12:89d09a6db00a 2012-08-05 donatien Updated to match the newest Socket API
11:390362de8c3f 2012-07-30 donatien Update for compat with newest Socket API
10:e1351de84c16 2012-07-18 donatien Corrected licence headers
9:ff30cc189191 2012-07-11 donatien Decreased stack size use
8:45c8da29a1cf 2012-07-06 donatien Fixed bug in URL parsing method
7:4e39864f7b15 2012-06-29 donatien Update to using new C++ Socket API
6:54f79436184f 2012-06-29 donatien Forked with right name
5:791fc3dcb6c4 2012-06-15 donatien Removed velociraptors-prone gotos:)
4:c071b05ac026 2012-05-24 donatien FIX
3:5aef7584de4b 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
2:75f5b83238af 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
1:b70c37cf73ca 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
0:2ccb9960a044 2012-04-26 donatien (none)