Freedom Seeedstudio Grove Flame Sensor Example

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of frdm_Grove_Flame_Example by Freescale

Simply Import this Program into your mbed compiler
Select Compile to generate the binary file
Plug the Grove Shield v2 on the top of your FRDM-K64F
Connect on end of the 4-pin Grove cable to the Buzzer module and the other end to the port D2 of the Grove Adapter.


Drag n drop the frdm_Grove_Buzzer_Example_K64F.bin into the mbed drive from your file explorer
Wait for download to complete
Press the Reset/SW1 button of your FRDM-K64F board to launch the program

The RGB LED should now power on Green
Press the SW2 user push-button of the FRDM-K64F and you should hear the buzzer ringing while RGB LED will power off.
To stop the buzzer, just release the SW2 button and press it again

Happy Buzzer'ing :D

Download repository: zip gz

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